Our world was once a place of light and hope, where all the races came together in harmony. Those days are gone, washed away with the rise of the shadow in the north. They say the ancients have awaken, that the gods have returned, and that Lord Kyrack, the Dark Lord himself has been freed from his eternal prison.

No one who has gone into the North has returned to tell the tale. Strange creatures haunt the night and despair fills the lands. The Twelve kings refuse to even talk to one another, some blaming the others for problems that they themselves have made happen. There is even word that the Uruk have returned and are raiding the Northern Marches. Uruk haven’t been seen the great war that saw Lord Kyrack and his armies bound for all eternity. If this is so, then the gods help us all for we soon shall see the darkness rise and the final embers of hope vanish in the night.

“ Rise of an Ancient Darkness” is a high fantasy world where sorcery meets technology in a whirlwind of chaos that echoes the rising of Lord Kyrack, the Lord of Darkness and his army that had been put into a mystic slumber millennia before our story starts.

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Rise of an Ancient Darkness